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NN/g’s training and UX Certification program offers in-depth, targeted learning about the most important UX topics and effective UX techniques. Maximize the value of training budget by selecting courses that cover exactly what you need to know in an intensive, focused environment.

NN/g UX training offers:

  • Practical design guidelines based on hundreds of research studies, covering thousands of UX-related topics.
  • Flexible requirements that let you choose courses to suit your needs
  • Exams that test both theoretical knowledge about best practices, and how to apply guidelines in practical situations
UX Certification Badge from Nielsen Norman Group
UX Management Specialty

Nielsen Norman Group principals and instructors have published the most cited literature in the field of UX

Completed 26/02/2021


Invest in your career and education.
UX Certification shows prospective clients, employers, managers, and colleagues your dedication to and interest in the field, as well as your expanding knowledge of it.

Apply known UX and management practices to effectively plan, communicate, negotiate, control, and measure UX work, people, and processes.

Courses in the specialty
Being a UX Leader: Essential Skills for Any UX Practitioner

By: Rachel Krause
Completed 25/02/2021

UX Roadmaps

By: Sarah Gibbons
Completed 21/02/2021

Managing User Experience Strategy

By: Christian Rohrer
Completed 21/02/2021

UX Deliverables

By: Page Laubheimer
Completed 25/02/2021

Facilitating UX Workshops

By: Kate Kaplan
Completed 26/02/2021