UX design and usability mentor book

Book review

Book review

'UX design and usability mentor book'

With Best Practice Business Analysis and User Interface Design Tips and Techniques.

Emrah Yayici




Kindle Edition


What's this?

Books aim is to explain basic concepts and best practice around UX design, usability testing tools and techniques like:

  • Wireframes
  • Personas
  • Mind-mapping
  • Mental models
  • Prototyping
  • Card sorting
  • Eye-tracking
  • Use cases
  • User profiling
  • Interaction design
  • Information architecture
  • Content writing
  • Customer journey maps
  • UX design and usability testing tools
  • Customer experience evaluation

Good design is a result of several iterations.


The Good

Content wise – I like this book very much.
Especially for beginners – it gives a nice overview of UX design and usability. And those who are around for a while can also pick up a thing or two.
What I like about this book is simplicity, its going from one concept to another, giving it a nice definition with easy to follow examples.
Chapter titles, while a bit longish – gives plenty of information about the content of each section.
The motto of the book is ‘building user interface around user’ which is a formidable goal.
Even though being only 100 pages long (1h 34min read time according to kindle), it’s not actually a quick read.
This book is just packed with information, examples, definitions and guidelines. Reader, if willing to learn – is given loads of material to study. What is more – student of UX can easily branch out from this book looking for further study in various directions. Now, after receiving such a detailed landscape of UX topology.

The Bad

I have only seen kindle version of this book. And unfortunately this edition seems to be missing proofreader, publisher and/or editor present in the process. While The text is laid out in a simple form, it lacks the elegance of well designed book.

  • I was missing a feeling of visual hierarchy in subtitles.
  • Both numbered and non-numbered lists were m-sing intend and space in most cases.
  • Title pages were lacking any design at all – just a sentence on the very top of page with image right underneath.


Taking into account that book is aimed at design specialists, I would expect the visual aspect to be on higher level.

Ideally user interfaces should be designed to be simple enough to leave no need for learning how to use the product.

Emrah Yayici


I think its a very good book. Well worth recommending to anyone interested in UX design and usability.
Especially worth adding to a list of books to read when you’re only starting with UX. At the same time. I would also expect to see it parked on a shelf of experienced designer as well.
About The Author

Bart Nowak

UX Designer with Digital Design / User Interface and print experience as well as Front-End development. Recently focusing on UX research, Design Systems and the process of creating a product. From product idea, service design, business modes, User Experience, UI design all the way to dev implementation.

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