My process

My process?

Human-centric design. Design Thinking.
In short: Inspiration-Ideation-Implementation

Empathize; Define; Ideate; Prototype; Test;

Depending on the nature of the project, the client or industry this process might look different.
I see it as an elastic way of viewing the problem and methods of solving it. This might look like I’m only talking about UX here, however a lot of this thinking can be applied when working with UI and development.


First we need to learn what the problem. For that we need to understand the user Generative/exploratory research is just that.
Using variety of tools and methods we generate understanding of who your customers are – as humans, not users, and that do they experience in their everyday lives.
This is covered by ‘Empathize‘ in Design Thinking – to observe and engage with users. At this stage we have:
  • Interviews
  • User observation
  • Heuristic analysis
  • Define user needs, vision & goals
  • Stakeholder mapping
  • User surveys
  • Gathering functional requirements
  • Usability testing
  • Competitive analysis and positioning


Then we can use what we’ve learned, to scope a meaningful challenge – define the actual problem.
  • Creating actionable problem statement
  • Persona creation (ideally task based)
  • Defining user journey
  • Data analysis


Having defined the problem, now we can ideate potential solutions to investigate and address the problem.
  • Brainstorming
  • Lo-fidelity mockups
  • Flow diagrams
  • Site mapping
  • Information Architecture
  • Interaction design
  • Wire framing
  • Mood boards
  • Design artefacts


Now we can select best potential solution and prototype them…
  • Hi-fidelity mock-ups
  • UI design
  • Iterate
  • Defined type of scale
  • Specifications for development
  • Design System creation
  • Functional prototypes
  • Brand identity integration
  • Content and copy-writing


…so that we can test the solution in the real world.
  • Gather feedback
  • Refine solutions
  • Moderated user testing sessions
  • Usability Testing
  • A/B testing
  • Analytics
  • User surveys
  • QA and testing


I’m getting a lot of questions about the tools I’m using. The thing with tools is that in digital world tools are changing quite a lot over time. Some becoming obsolete, some stays forever.
I’ve a got a wide selection of tools at my disposal, testing and trying new tools all the time.
Here is the rough list of design oriented tools.
  • Figma / Sketch / InVision Studio / Axure / Adobe Xd / Marvel – layout and interface design in general
  • Balsamiq / – lo-fidelity prototypes
  • ProtoPie / Origami / Framer – animated, interaction prototyping
  • Photoshop – serious raster image manupulation
  • Illustrator – great for working on single files, like icons preparation for web use.
  • InVision / Miro – collaboration, presentation, workshops
  • Optimal Workshop – UX research, card sorting, tree testing, click tests, user surveys
  • Monkey Survey / Alchemer (formerly SurveyGizmo) – user surveys
  • HotJar / Google Analytics – analytics, quanta data
  • Creately / / Visual Pradigm / Excel / Gsheets / LucidChart – diagrams, charts,
  • UXpressia – user personas (other software can be used for that as well – Figma, G docs, Sketch etc)
  • After Effects – animation anything

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