Landing page + Banner

Digital design, Front-End development

Landing page design and development, banner design

The Challenge

Genesys needed to rethink the way they targeted high-end, high value accounts and decision-makers. MOI’s response was a precision-targeted, insight-led campaign that created its own opportunities and exploited them to the client’s full advantage. The campaign took Account Based Marketing to pioneering new levels until it deserved a new and more accurate acronym: OBM. Opportunity Based Marketing.

My involvement was to design social media banner the landing page it led to, as well as another landing page for downloading a pdf.

Design Process

As part of a fast moving environment in Creative agency’s reality time is a scarce resource. good thing is for clients like Genesys – a library of photography is usually already pre-chosen, or at least well defined within brand guideline.

Final Result

Social media banner and 2 landing pages.