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Large volume of digital assets for online presence.

The Challenge

As one of the fastest growing brands on the market and the fastest in its category, The Kids Food Company had a lot going on. Having only very basic online presence was not helping with that. Therefore along with creating new website for all the international and domestic markets I was also responsible for all the digital content that was used on social media, partner websites, and anywhere else.

Design Process

First, a research was conducted with along the rest of marketing departament regardiung our customers. Personas, were created, user yourneys established as well as main pain  points. In the mean time I was working on information swtryucture as well as gathering all information about technology to be used, localisation methodology and IT structure needed.

The decisions were made to go with WordPress for the websites and Shopify for e-commerce platform. Both with  custom-made themes especially for Kiddylicious – both designed and developed by myself.

Social media series
Social media series

Final Result

The result was rich, colorful and on target online presence that resulted in major brand expansion, massively raising awareness and engagement of target audience.

About The Author

Bart Nowak

UX Designer with Digital Design / User Interface and print experience as well as Front-End development. Recently focusing on UX research, Design Systems and the process of creating a product. From product idea, service design, business modes, User Experience, UI design all the way to dev implementation.