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Graphic design, Web design, Web development

Branding, Graphic design, UX Design,

Logo design, re-branding, website design and implementation.

The Challenge

The brand needed a new look, new logo, modern website and fresh photography both of the team and the location.


Design Process

During our exploration of ideas we went through a lot of iteration and various options.

Final LOGO

Logo proved to be the most challenging. After a few iterations we got there in the end – much more modern, more sleek, yet professional logo was created. Together with updated brand colours.


Final Result

After that it seemed the website was a breeze. Information architecture was agreed on, then initial layout sketches/lo-fidelity wireframes. Winning look was chosen on the spot, out of 3 candidates – (hi-fidelity mockups/prototypes).

About The Author

Bart Nowak

UX Designer with Digital Design / User Interface and print experience as well as Front-End development. Recently focusing on UX research, Design Systems and the process of creating a product. From product idea, service design, business modes, User Experience, UI design all the way to dev implementation.