Bart Nowak
Helping businesses
connect with their users
User experience, visual design and UI/ UX development.
UX Design
User experience

Everything is intertwined.
Micro-interactions, textual content, notification sound, interface layout, context of use, font readability – it all comes together in an instant to form an experience. Understanding that is the first step toward great customer experience.
Putting together UX research methods, techniques and best practice in order to identify an actual issue and work towards quality solution.

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UI Design
Interaction design

Critical part of any software product – User Interface – barely noticeable when designed well.
When done poorly – can ruin the best technology.
My aim is to produce user-friendly interfaces: interfaces that encourage exploration without fear of negative consequences.

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Making the interface work properly and smoothly while fulfilling its functions for the user.

Writing code that runs in client/on the device to create clear, easy, fast pages and interfaces that will make people understand and care about the information, by putting it in context, expose its legitimacy or lack thereof, and reveal their implicit or explicit interconnection.

Front-end is not just a pretty face, it’s the friendly, forward-looking interface of web development.

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